" I have trained weekly with Mary since 1999 and cannot speak highly enough about her. What a gift! She's sensitive to your particular changing fitness goals and health issues - always varying and adapting routines to maximize effectiveness. Everything a physical therapist knows and does but better - and affordable. She's always pushing you to attain your own physical max while keeping it interesting and keeping you on your toes."

--Dion, English Professor and Writer

" Training with Mary has changed my life! Her knowledge of body mechanics and her innate ability to personalize my workout regimen has made all the difference. Mary's energetic style and passion for fitness makes getting into shape a blast!"

--Shelley, Martial Arts Instructor

"Mary makes my workouts fun but I always know I am there to work. She has changed the way I think and feel about being at the gym and I owe a great deal to her for my new transformation and boosted self esteem."

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